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Frank Vicari

Frank Vicari, 24 days ago

Remote Learning Dress-Up Day!

The Class of 2021 is encouraging Riley School to come to school dressed as if it is a remote learning planning day! I'm sure we will see plenty of hoodies, hats, pajamas, and bed-heads! (That's just counting the teachers!)

Remote Learners, your challenge is to dress up for the day! Have your camera on YOU and not your ceiling fan!

Let's have some fun on a Friday!

Great Idea Class of 2021!

Frank Vicari

Frank Vicari, about 1 month ago

Kindergarten Registration is Open

At time of registration please bring in your child's original birth certificate (or official copy from the county where they were born) and two forms of "proof of residency".

If you have any questions please call the Riley School

Christine Conkling

Christine Conkling, about 1 month ago

Riley has school today, Tuesday, January 26th. Allow extra time for travel and bus pickups.

Frank Vicari

Frank Vicari, 2 months ago

Riley PE Teachers perform the 12 Days of Fitmas with Special Guests! Enjoy "The Eleventh Day of Fitmas!"

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