Riley CCSD 18

9406 Riley Road, Marengo, IL 60152     815-568-8637

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Teachers do not usually get to check their email until the end of the day, so if your message is urgent, please, call the office. Our phone number is 815-568-8637.

riley vikingElementary
Sharon Dunker K
Gretchen Mallegni 1
Teresa Wisted 1
Cathie Kunde
Shawna Zont
Michelle Hazek
Leah Campanelli 3
Emy Klopfenstein 4
Stacey Wessel
Joshua Maas 5
Nicolle Stratton 5

Jr. High

Nikki Adler Reading
Kim Fogel Language Arts
Richelle Lagerstrom Social Studies
Carolyn Long Math
Brian Warren Science


Alexis Arvanitis Special Ed.
Rebecca Cosman Speech Pathologist
Letti Gomez ESL Aide
Lisa Gruber Social Worker
Kelly Haeflinger Physical Therapist
Marcus Hostetler Music
Connie Marsh Physical Ed./Algebra
Chris Moore Computers/Art  & Tech Director
Carole Mortimer Physical Ed./Health & Athletic Director
Erika Nelson
Kim O'Brien Special Ed. Director
Kristina Paluch Reading Specialist
Michelle Polizzi
Special Ed.

Office/Support Staff

Lis Bergman Administrative Assistant
Lori King
Food Services Director
Christine Conkling Principal
Geri Doane Librarian
Larry Grief Maintenance Director call school
Renee Andrews Office Manager
Karen Schnable Business Manager/Transportation Director
Jerry Trickett